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If your business involves heavy-hauling trailers, you understand the importance of trailer maintenance and repairs to ensure your equipment is in good working condition. Proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential to prevent malfunctions on the road. If your trailer needs repair and you are based in Vancouver, Washington, you have come to the right place. Here at Van Raden Industries, we will share the signs that your heavy-hauling trailer needs repair. Keep reading to learn more.

Regular trailer maintenance and repair keep your trailer functioning properly. Recognizing the signs that your trailer needs repair can help you prevent expensive repairs and breakdowns. By addressing these signs immediately, you can extend the life of your trailer. Always have your trailer maintained and repaired by a reliable shop when you experience any issues.

Before and after long trips, inspect your trailer to assess its components and determine if they need repair or replacement. Here are the signs that your heavy-hauling trailer needs fixing:

Clicking Sounds

If some components of the trailer make weird clicking sounds, it is not a good sign. This usually means something is loose and needs to be tightened. Immediately check the loose parts to make the necessary adjustments, as ignoring them can lead to worse problems. If you hear any clicking sounds, make sure to listen carefully. Turn off the music, roll down the window, and observe if the clicking sounds worsen when you turn or maneuver. Once you locate the source, ask a technician to check it. It may need adjusting or tightening.

Strange or weird noises can indicate broken or worn parts, such as damaged components of the suspension system. These noises can include banging or creaking sounds. Wear and tear on some parts may also cause such noises. The axle joints, for instance, can become loose, causing components to knock against each other, possibly accompanied by shaking or vibrating effects.

By staying vigilant and addressing these issues promptly, you can ensure the longevity and reliability of your heavy-hauling trailer. If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to have a professional technician inspect and repair your trailer.

Excessive Grease in the Axle Shafts

If your trailer has self-greasing axle shafts, they are designed with a small chamber to catch and contain excess grease. When this container leaks, grease can get everywhere. If the leak is significant, it can become an issue and should be fixed immediately.

Maneuvering Issues

Axles are crucial components of heavy-hauling trailers. If you are having difficulty turning or maneuvering your trailer, it could indicate an issue with the axle system. Possible problems include a broken connecting switch, a damaged axle, or engine issues. If you experience maneuvering difficulties, have a technician check the axles and related components.

Cracks and Damages

Regular visual inspections are essential to detect physical issues with the trailer. If you notice cracks or dents, ask a technician to fix them immediately. These issues can weaken the trailer’s structure and worsen if left unattended. Neglected cracks and dents can lead to accidents and injuries.

Excessive Bouncing

A bumpy ride while driving a heavy-hauling trailer is uncomfortable and can be annoying. Rough roads and road debris can cause this, but it could also indicate a faulty suspension system. If you notice excessive bouncing, pay attention, as it could be a suspension problem or something stuck underneath the trailer.

Have it checked and repaired immediately to prevent further issues. Excessive bouncing can damage cargo, cause discomfort, and increase the risk of accidents. Damaged shocks or springs can also contribute to bumpy rides.

Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear on the trailer could be due to suspension problems. A malfunctioning suspension system can cause tires to wear unevenly. If you notice that one side of the tires has a different wear pattern than the other, have your suspension inspected and repaired immediately.

Difficulty Stopping

If you notice you are having a hard time stopping the trailer, you must have the brakes and axles checked. Inspect them by using jack stands to lift the trailer, stepping on the brakes, and trying to spin the wheels.

When you apply the brakes, the wheels should be locked and difficult to turn. If the wheels still turn when applying the brakes, it could mean the brakes and axles are malfunctioning. The brakes must be fully functional before you go on a trip. Braking issues can lead to accidents and injuries.

Sagging Trailer

If the trailer is sagging on one side, it could be caused by a broken or malfunctioning spring. It must be repaired immediately because it can cause an imbalanced trailer and increase the risk of accidents and damage to your cargo.

Steering Issues

When the suspension system of the trailer is not working properly, it could result in difficulty turning the trailer. This can lead to accidents, especially when driving at high speeds and making sudden sharp turns.

Swaying Issues

If the trailer is swaying, it could be caused by a damaged suspension system. This is risky while driving as it can lead to accidents and damage to the trailer and cargo.

Leaking Fluids

If you notice fluids leaking underneath the trailer, it could be caused by a hydraulic suspension system. This could be a sign of a damaged hydraulic cylinder or hose. If neglected, it can cause the suspension system to fail, leading to accidents and injuries.


This occurs when the trailer sways back and forth while driving. The trailer is unbalanced and could be caused by an issue with the suspension system.

Excessive Vibration

If you notice excessive vibration while driving the trailer, it could be caused by a damaged suspension system. This can cause damage to the cargo and make the ride uncomfortable.

If you notice any issues with your heavy-hauling trailer, have a professional inspect it immediately. Unaddressed trailer issues can lead to serious consequences, so it’s crucial to have them repaired by a qualified technician. If you are based in Vancouver, Washington, you can rely on Van Raden Industries for your heavy-hauling trailer repairs.

Proper trailer maintenance and timely repairs are essential to ensure the longevity and safety of your heavy-hauling trailer. By addressing these signs promptly, you can avoid costly repairs and potential accidents. If your trailer needs repair in Vancouver, Washington, trust Van Raden Industries.

We provide expert maintenance and repair services for heavy-hauling trailers. If you have questions or need to schedule a service, please contact us. Keep your trailer in top condition and prevent costly breakdowns by choosing Van Raden Industries for all your trailer maintenance and repair needs.

If you need trailer repair services and are based in Vancouver, Washington, you can rely on Van Raden Industries. We specialize in building custom trailers and installing lift-axle systems for heavy-hauling trailer trucks. We also manufacture and repair specialized heavy-hauling trailers. If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, please let us know.

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