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Heavy-duty hauling can be a dangerous and challenging task to undertake. Costly errors, such as property loss, accidents, or even fatal injuries, can easily occur. Here at Van Raden Industries, we will share a blog post discussing mistakes to avoid during heavy hauling. We hope that, after reading this blog post, you will be better informed and capable of avoiding these mistakes when hauling heavy equipment.

It is crucial to have professionals handle heavy-duty hauling to prevent critical errors. They can operate the trailer with precision, ensuring the safe and secure transport of equipment from one location to another.

Mistakes can indeed occur during heavy-duty hauling. By reading further, you can learn about these mistakes and how to avoid them, ensuring safe and efficient travel to your destination. Explore the mistakes to steer clear of during heavy-duty hauling.

Improper Weight Distribution

When hauling heavy equipment, it is crucial to ensure the proper distribution of weight. Failing to do so can result in your truck becoming imbalanced while towing, which is dangerous and can lead to accidents and injuries.

To achieve proper weight distribution, use bars securely fastened with heavy-duty chains. Be sure to choose the appropriate chain size based on the equipment’s weight.

When loading the equipment, use correctly sized bars, positioning them parallel to the trailer’s frame. Incorrect weight distribution can cause the trailer to bounce, potentially damaging its frame.

Neglecting Brake Checks

Regularly checking the functionality of your brakes is vital during heavy-duty hauling. When traveling, you may encounter inclines, and if your brakes fail to function correctly, the trailer can slide backward, especially when carrying heavy equipment.

Electromagnetic brakes are a more reliable choice than hydraulic brakes, which can fail on occasion. Always inspect your brakes before embarking on your journey and replace them as needed.

Prior to traveling, ensure your heavy-duty equipment trailer is fully capable of safely towing heavy loads, particularly on mountainous terrain. For a reliable heavy-duty equipment trailer in Washington, you can reach out to Van Raden Industries.

Not Checking the Vehicle’s Load Capacity

When hauling heavy-duty equipment, it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle can safely handle the load. Overloading can result in fines.

While diesel trucks are known for their capacity to transport heavy loads, overloading can place excessive stress on various components, including ball mounts, brakes, bushings, frames, hitches, shocks, and suspensions.

This strain can lead to damage and impede the towing process. Before you begin, inspect your vehicle thoroughly, and consider installing protective accessories such as airbags.

Heavy-Hauling at High Speeds

While transporting heavy loads, the temptation to drive at high speeds can be strong, but it is hazardous. High-speed hauling can lead to accidents and damage to the vehicle’s engine.

Traveling at high speeds places significant strain on the engine, especially when pulling heavy loads. This can overwork the engine and lead to problems, including brake system failures, accidents, and injuries.

Speeding can have severe consequences, particularly when carrying heavy loads on the highway. It can result in vehicle damage, necessitating expensive maintenance and repairs.

Incorrect Tire Pressure

Before hauling heavy loads, it’s essential to check the tire pressure. Ensure that the tire pressure is correct to achieve efficient fuel mileage and prevent tire overheating.

Neglecting proper tire pressure can lead to a blown-out tire, causing accidents, injuries, or premature tire wear, resulting in expensive replacements.

Always check the tire pressure before towing a heavy load, particularly for long-distance travel. Accurate tire pressure measurement is crucial, as incorrect pressure can damage the tires.

Not Applying Grease to Axles

Trailers should be inspected before and after use. When hauling heavy equipment, make sure the axles and bearings have sufficient grease. Applying grease to the moving parts of the trailer prevents them from seizing, which could lead to improper vehicle functioning or damage over time.

Forgetting About Permits

When engaging in heavy hauling, obtaining the necessary permits is essential. You must secure proper permissions for driving with a heavy-hauling trailer carrying a potentially hazardous load. Failing to obtain the required permits can result in fines.

Not Planning the Route

When hauling heavy loads, it’s crucial to plan the safest route. Not all roads are suitable due to load capacity restrictions, rendering them off-limits for your use. Some roads might be too narrow or congested with traffic.

Often, heavy hauling trailers are not allowed to cross certain bridges that cannot support the load’s weight. Proper route planning includes checking for available alternative routes in case of unexpected issues to avoid potential delays.

Failure to Secure the Load

During heavy-duty hauling, understanding the importance of load securement is paramount. It ensures that the equipment remains in its proper place during transportation. Chains and straps can be used to prevent the heavy load from shifting or moving.

Neglecting load securement can lead to various issues, such as equipment falling off the trailer into traffic, causing weight shifts on the trailer, putting stress on and damaging the truck, or causing the trailer to sway while driving on the highway, which can result in a loss of vehicle control.

Disregarding State Laws

A skilled team of craftsmen at Van Raden Industries crafting high-quality trailers.

When hauling heavy equipment, it’s essential to be aware of the state laws applicable to your specific route. This knowledge helps you avoid potential problems, including costly fines.

If you require custom heavy-hauling vehicle trailers for your business, consider Van Raden Industries. Based in Washington, we offer custom heavy-hauling trailers and provide repair services for heavy-hauling vehicle trailers.

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