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If you’re considering purchasing a new industrial trailer, you might be wondering about the benefits of custom industrial trailers. Industrial trailers are widely used across various industries today. Let’s explore some of the advantages of custom trailers, what a heavy haul trailer entails, and why a custom industrial trailer could be ideal for your business.

What is a Heavy Haul Trailer?

A heavy haul trailer is designed to carry maximum loads. It can refer to a single trailer or a combination of multiple trailers capable of transporting the maximum allowable loads on roads. Typically, heavy haul trailers are the preferred choice for transporting large equipment by land. They enable the transportation of loads that exceed standard dimensions, such as over width, over length, or extraordinarily heavy loads, provided that special permits and thorough planning are in place.

What are the Two Major Categories of Heavy Haul Trailers?

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Trailers Designed for Off-Road Travel

Off-road trailers do not have specified loading capacities. Instead, their capacity is determined by their configuration and design. Generally, off-road trailers are capable of carrying heavier loads due to the rugged conditions of the terrain they traverse. However, their specialized nature and ability to transport larger equipment contribute to their higher cost compared to on-road trailers.

Trailers Designed for On-Road or Highway Travel

On-road or highway trailers have limited load capacities, which can vary from one region to another. Equipment selection must be carefully planned based on factors such as routes, seasonal considerations, and load data.

What Aspects Can Be Customized with a Custom Trailer?

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There are numerous aspects of a trailer that can be customized to suit individual needs. These customizations may involve adjustments to the length, width, or height to ensure accommodation of specific loads. Wheel grouping and configuration are also customizable, as are suspension styles, which can include hydraulic, air, or mechanical options.

Moreover, the loading area configuration of the trailer can be tailored to include perimeter frames, mini decks, rails, or decks. Steering systems can vary from semi-auto-steering to compensated or manual steering. Custom trailers may utilize onboard Hydraulic Power Units (HPU), tractor PTOs, or all-electric power units (EPU) to power their functions and features.

In addition to these, other customizations may include the addition of a fifth wheel, tow bar, hitch, or gooseneck. Off-road trailers may require a high-capacity coupling. Control mechanisms for custom trailers can be mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Examples include hydraulic ramps, removable goosenecks, flip-over extensions, or rollers.

Cosmetic customizations offer further options, with specifications and paint colors tailored to individual projects. Lighting packages can also be customized to meet specific requirements. For those uncertain about their needs, base model plans are often provided, allowing for further customization as desired.

What are the Benefits of Custom Fabrication?

Custom trailers offer a wide array of benefits to users. Opting for a custom-made trailer provides numerous options tailored to suit specific job requirements. Here are some advantages of using custom trailers:

Provides Exactly What You Need

Fabricating your own custom trailer ensures that you receive precisely what is needed for your task. This means meeting your expectations without unnecessary features that may be present in standard trailers. A successful unit tailored to your requirements can greatly facilitate goal achievement.

Requires Less Post-Purchase Work

Choosing a custom trailer can reduce the need for post-purchase rework and retrofitting. Standard trailers may require modifications to fulfill specialized functions, leading to higher costs for alteration compared to investing in a custom-built trailer from the outset. Opting for a custom trailer fabrication can therefore be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Reduced Risks

Using a custom trailer for unique situations entails fewer associated risks. Custom trailers are manufactured with specialized operating configurations in mind, thereby reducing risks and failures encountered by end-users, particularly in specialized loading situations. With a custom trailer, you can ensure greater safety for your driver, minimizing the likelihood of issues during travel.

Higher Resale Value

Custom heavy haul trailers are unique and possess a handcrafted quality, which can translate to a higher resale price in the future. Built with genuine parts, high tensile steel, and by a team of experienced certified technicians and welders, custom trailers are durable and maintain relatively higher resale values even after years of use.

Allows for Personalization

Customizing your heavy haul trailer allows you to add a personal touch, such as choosing your own color scheme or adding additional lighting and decals. By opting for custom heavy haul trailers, you demonstrate your company’s commitment to quality and give your brand an opportunity to stand out. If brand recognition on the road is important to your company, custom trailers are the way to go.

What are the Disadvantages of Custom Trailers?

Ultimately, choosing custom trailers comes with only one major disadvantage: higher upfront costs. Compared to standard trailers, customized trailers have a higher initial cost.

However, despite this higher upfront expense, you can rest assured that they offer a higher resale value, experience less downtime, require fewer repairs, and, most importantly, pose reduced risks, making the initial investment worthwhile. Whether you opt for an off-road or an on-road custom heavy haul trailer, you can be confident of a significantly greater return on investment.

You might think that investing in custom trailers would entail added costs with little to show for it. However, we beg to disagree. Rather than searching for that elusive perfect trailer, consider spending your time designing exactly what you desire and finding a company that can manufacture it for you.

Consider the tremendous benefits you stand to gain, such as the opportunity to select materials, improved efficiency, enhanced security, and the capacity to carry heavier loads when necessary. With a custom-made trailer, you can be certain it can handle rough terrain and withstand the test of time.

How To Get a Custom Heavy Trailer

For your custom industrial trailer needs, just call Van Raden Industries, LLC, at 503-288-7878 or send us an email at You can guarantee that we have years of experience when it comes to manufacturing high-quality custom heavy trailers.

We only use the highest quality materials for our trailers, and we have an expert team that can help you in finding the best solution for your project. Contact us now so we can get started on your custom heavy trailer project!